1. What are your hours of operation?

Our business hours are Monday-Friday, from 10AM to 5PM CET. Orders placed after 5PM will be processed on the next business day. Russianvoiceovers.eu will make every reasonable effort to send your audio files to you within 24 hours of the order being placed.

2. What if the length of my script does not fit a :60, :30 or :15 spot?

If your script does not fit the length of a standard broadcast :60, :30 or :15 spot, you will be charged EUR 49 per page, provided that one page = no more than 20 lines, double-spaced, Times New Roman size 12 font minimum and is fitted with standard margins. If you are unsure of the cost, email your script to us at info@russianvoiceovers.eu and we will quote it for you.

3. Why is it that if my script consists of a few short tags that add up to less than :30 or :60, am I charged more than EUR 49?

Scripts that are not narrations (ie.. tags, TV spots, radio spots, donut inserts, etc…) cost EUR49 as that is our minimum order fee as well as the price for “any single item”. “Any single item” includes, but is not limited to an insert, a short tag or any material that can be used to create a unique version of a spot.
To give you a better idea of how this works: One :15 script = EUR 49, however if you order three :10 tags you will be charged EUR 147. If you are unsure of the cost, email your script to us at info@russianvoiceovers.eu and we will quote it for you.

4. How long does it take to receive my audio?

Audio ordered before 1PM CET is generally returned within 3-4 hours. Audio ordered after 1PM may be returned by 5PM the same day or alternatively by 10AM the next business day. Some orders may take 24 hours or longer to deliver. Your audio will be sent to you via email or wetransfer.com service.

5. How many takes of the audio will I receive?

Normally we provide up to 3 takes of raw, mistake free voice from the VO talent.

6. Does the EUR 49 fee include the production of a finished spot?

No. Our fees are for raw, unedited voice files only. Editing audio or mixing audio with music and/or SFX is available, but those services are charged separately. If you have any questions about editing or production, feel free to email us at info@russianvoiceovers.eu

7. What happens if I need revisions cut?

In the unlikely event of your audio file containing a mispronunciation, a punctuation error or if a word is omitted from the original script, we will provide a re-read by the VO talent you originally chose at no extra charge. Just request the re-read by replying to the email that contained your audio. If you make any changes in your script, you must fill out a new order form and you will be charged for another spot.

8. What happens if my text read out by the talent does not fit the spot it was written for?

We will provide copies of the VO talent reading the script at a comfortable pace (which may turn out to be longer than requested) as well as at a faster pace in order to fit the request length. We advise you to keep in mind: A voice actor will ALWAYS take longer than you to read a script.

9. Is it possible to have my script read as an audition free of charge?

Unfortunately not. One of the major reasons we're able to offer you such an affordable rate of EUR 49 per spot is because our VO talents know they are going to get paid every time they come into the studio.

10. How do I pay for my voice order?

We accept PayPal or bank wire euro (SEPA) transfer. Shortly after you will have placed your order we will send you an invoice to your email.

11. I have a question that is not listed above. How can I get my question answered?

If you have any questions please feel free to send us an email at info@russianvoiceovers.eu

Alternatively you can call us on +371 22174887. We will do our best to respond to text messages that contain your name, your company name, and your phone number.